Apple, onion and ginger soup

Apple, Onion and Ginger Soup

3 Apples

1 large yellow onion

Grated ginger to taste, we added about 1-2 tps finely grated

2-3 cups water

Chop apples into smiles about ¼ inch thick. I leave the skin on, but take the seeds out.

Chop onion into circles about ¼ inch thick

Warm large frying pan on medium heat and add enough olive oil so the apples and onions will not stick.

Add salt to your liking.

Cook on medium heat until everything is dark and caramelized.  Add grated ginger, cook 3 more minutes.

Transfer to sauce pan.

Add water to frying pan and boil. This gets all the goodies stuck to the pan and makes cleaning the pan easier.

Pour water into saucepan.

Cook 15 minutes or so.

Cool a bit and transfer, in batches if needed to your blender.

Blend until creamy.


Add more grated ginger if needed.

Reheat just before serving.

This soup is quite thick, very rich and wintry.


“This is my favorite. Ever.”

“Is there something beside just apples onions and ginger? Tastes like more, maybe mushrooms?”

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