Johnny Appleseed’s 236th Birthday and the Second Annual Tasting Menu

This year the Chicago birthday bash was apple-icious.  Menu below with  recipe-a-day to follow!

Sorbet – urban foraged apples, foraged sumac, bit o sugar, lime and Chinese salted rose water vinegar

Soup – apple, onion, ginger

Small falafel ball set on a dried apple disc with beet-apple sauce

Slice of cucumber with an egg salad of wasabe mayonnaise, apples, celery, celanto, and lime rind

Homemade apple fruit leather with grilled shitake mushroom, coconut jelly cube and fresh farmer’s cheese

Toastini , challah grilled in butter and broiled with dill cheese topped with two thin raw and crispy apple slices

tiny peppers with garlic mascarpone and dehydrated apple crumbled into tiny chunks

Roasted apple, polenta, Parmesan and applejack braised apples

Salmon poke with apples, sesame oil, sesame seeds, green onions, pickled ginger, soy, lemon and cilantro

Water caltrops with spicy apple compote

Silken tofu with foraged crab apple salt

Spring roll with daikon, apple, straw mushroom, apple honey vinegar.

Tapioca port wine custard with seared apple topping

Salted Carmel on thin apple slice

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